Bernabò   Umberto

Classical Violin Maker

String  Instruments making and restoring

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Maremma Crea / Umberto Bernabò



Bernabo’ Umberto

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Born in Florence on 9th December 1966.

1986    He obtained a  Diploma  in violin making at the International School of Musical Instrument Making in Cremona.

Then he moved to Rome and lived there for a few years so he got to know other violin makers from Lazio, the region around Rome .

At that time he was self-employed and designed musical instruments and held musical instrument making courses for the provincial and regional councils of Rome.

A few years later he felt homesick and returned to Tuscany. He moved to Braccagni, a little village near Grosseto, where he is currently working as a professional violin maker in his own workshop. Tuscany is the ideal place where he can draw inspiration from the sea and countryside scenery.



Name: Umberto Bernabo'; master in violins, Violas, Cellos and Double basses making.

Workshop in Braccagni, Tuscany (Italy).His instruments are made entirely by hand using the lute-making techniques  of the Cremona area, solely with woods selected for lute makers:  Val di Fiemme Spruce for the sounding board, Balcan flamed Sycamore  or Canadian bird eye Maple for the head, back and sides. His work is inspired by the past master luthiers of the Cremona school, Amati, Stradivari, Guarnieri del Gesu’, etc.

He pays special attention to the acoustics, continuously researching into the thickness of the wood and the assembly of the instruments. His instruments have the aesthetic characteristic of  lightness and are easy to use.

The quality of his instruments is very high. They are suitable for soloist professional use with a very powerful tone, great projection, excellent wood and professional craftsmanship.